Different between adsense and adword

know the different between adsense and adword has been a subject for novice who want to get into monetizing blog

blogger to know the different between adsense and adword will have to be sure of what they are doing to not be miscarried by the sake of monetizing

now i will like to break down “know the different between adsense and adword

” cos i was a victim of that when i was rushing to open up a blog and start earning money 

Different between adsense and adword
Different between adsense and adword


i can put it that google adsense is a program run by google and partner with developers and website designers

website designers make money thru Adsense, in the sense that the rule and regulation are followed well as required by google.

google adsense pays either by impression or by per click.

that is when someone visited your site and stay on by reading your article and click the advert google posted on your website .

if is automatically license to google to place advert or if not you are authorize to place the advert anywhere you want it to be


Different between adsense and adword
Different between adsense and adword

google adword is an advert created by an individual or a company to advertise their company or product.

any click on the advert place on programmer website that is displaying.

company will pay for it according to the rate of visite impression and click

adword pay the adsense . That is any click google get from adword they will use it to pay for adsense.

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i can remember on my earlier stage on website stuff,

as a novice i was trying to learn and to make money thru internet

i registered to adword thinking is an adsense

not knowing that their is a lot of work to do before getting into adsense an adsense approval

i registered with my account number with google adword but that didn’t work as i wish

i keep on getting mail on my Gmail about how my adword rank

but i didn’t take it serious even took it as a spam message, at the end of the month surprisingly i got debited with the some of #11800 on my account base on the click and impression i made.

i made this briefly to also put you in mind the different between google adword and adsense.

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