Common Fact 2020 Saves and Investment

Common Fact 2020 Saves and Investment

ommon fact 2020 saves and investment , Investment is one of the most significant word rich man value most.

poor people deliberately ignore what investment means, This is the difference between asset and liability. if you build a house with the some of $2 million dollars

in the next 20 years coming you will be ashamed of living in it coz new modernise building will be the lastest. in my opinion i rather invest the money in a lucrative business or asset.

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By the next $20 years coming it will worth billions of dollars. It happen in the case of Jim Ovia.

Jim Ovia

Jim Ovia net worth is $1000 million dollars which is approximate to #1 billion naira in Nigeria because of the investment he uses his money to invest and now he is now a wealthy Man.

Spend the little money you have for future use to not experience being poor in life. Some people driving expensive cars and squandering money here and there without knowing they are uselessing their life.


spend wisely, Some people buying latest Iphone 11 and latest samsung but not aware they are carrying their future and the future of their children.

when you are young i advise to don’t spend on irrelevant things keep on looking for what you can invest your money with, Every penny in your hand is just like a seed to sow and it decide whether you spend the money wisely or not.

when you sow it next you will see in future is riches.

Shina Peters

In 1990, Shina peters built a house worth of #20 million naira the exact year Jim Ovia started Zenith bank with the same amount.

today i guess you and i have account on Zenith bank, But is obvious that we haven’t step a foot in Shina peters compound.

although Shina peters house was located in lagos but it still remain there till date and forever and Jim Ovia bank start in a corner but now worth billions and have over 500 or more branches in Nigeria only and also many in international branches.

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Jim Ovia receive transaction of over million and upon millions daily.

Shina peters house is getting older in 2015 and he spend million again to innovate it and also bought Nissan pathfinder worth of #10 million Naira

that is additional liability while Jim Ovia make profit of #105.7 Billion the same year.

As you can see the different is clear, Spend wisely

Common Fact 2020 Saves and Investment GOODLUCK!!!

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