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five things the poor do that rich don’t

five things the poor do that rich don't

five things the poor do that rich don’t sound crazy but that’s make the rich different from the poor. there most be something that makes someone differs from one another, Either by mentality or skills.

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the mentality of human being is mostly base on the atmosphere he finds him self, just like the mentality of white and black differs from each other.

not that is common to human but base on God’s creation. in a short form to hit the point” in other to become rich you most adopt the skills of rich man mentality” anything apart from that is a miracle.

now am breaking down five things the poor do that rich don’t

1. Poor people focus on salary while the rich focus on profit:

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jack Ma,the richest man in China said; if you put Bananas and money in front of monkeys, they will choose bananas because monkeys do not know that money can buy more bananas.

in Reality, if you offer job and Business to people, they would choose job because most people do not know that business can bring more money than salaries. profit is better than salaries because salaries can make you living but profits can bring you a fortune.

Your salary is the bribe they give you to forget your dreams and live an average life.

2. Poor people watch TV while the rich people read books

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you don’t get an education from staring at the TV all the time. Most poor people have never read a whole book in their lives.

watching TV all the time can have a detrimental impact on your life, it deprives you the time to realise, cultivate the positive attitude and habits that will make you grow into a well-rounded individual .

you practically waste your time watching people who have made it in life, people who look for opportunities to enhance their experiences and improve themselves and add a considerable value to their lives.

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the people you spend time watching on TV hardly watch the TV instead they work hard to be on the TV. Station .

The rich are aware that they can never achieve something great if they watch TV all the time, the rich people read because they want to learn.

they are continuously learning, the rich read because they desire to gain new knowledge,

they desire to invent something new, also they read inorder to salvage themselves from poverty.

The rich people want to think differently from the poor in order to see what they can accomplish. rich people have the action mentality because they believe they can make it.

They invest more time on themselves by reading in other to know what they don’t know, they are inquisitive.

The reason why the poor people feel outclassed around the rich people is that they don’t reason on the same frequency with the rich people. they obviously have different perception of life.

3. Poor people want to save every penny they can, while the rich wants to invest

the secret of financial success is to cultivate the positive habits of saving and investing. poor people are poor because they always want to save money Not just saving but poor people are afraid to invest.

4. Poor people believe in faith with little work while the rich believe in faith and hardworking

poor people think they solve laziness with prayer. if you don’t work hard , you will spend the rest of your life in church shouting i receive!!!

5. Poor people are quitter while rich people are winners

winners never Quit and quitters never win. poor people have low self esteem, they don’t believe they can invent something that could change the world, they are very mindful of what people would say if they fail,

so poor people don’t try to do something out of the ordinary because they are scared of being criticised,

The poor believe they will eventually fail. Rich people are not scare of failing, they are not mindful of people’s opinion, they know what they are, to be defeated is not the problem because they believe in trying.

rich people are determined, courageous, they struggle and suffer in order to live the rest of the lives as champions.

They believe that they are only defeat is when they quit.

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