man who started south african xenophobia video

man who started south african xenophobia video

man who started south african xenophobia video stated that other neighbouring country should vacate as soon as possible

the video was release for those who are living in South Africa to quickly leave the country otherwise they will lose their lives and love ones.

he gave just 14 days for every black foreigners to leave south africa otherwise his group will execute him or her.

that South African is not a place for other africans both white and black.

he stated that he doesn’t care whether you are black and speak some heated speech against other Africans, calling some of African country rascal word.

please scroll down to watch the video

xenophobia in African isn’t a new issue, some of Africana have experience xenophobia although no live where lost to compare the crising happening now in south african.

Earlier in 1985 on April 15 Nigeria late General Mamman Magoro announces almost 700,000 African immigrant should must leave Nigeria by 6pm on May 10.

Ghana must go is a slogan well known to Nigeria, coz the population of Ghana in Nigeria can be rating to 400,000 out of 700,000 immigrant in Nigeria.

These african immigrant had come for work to earn a living and Economy Opportunity.

they were not allow to move away more than #22 naira which is equivalent to $30 dollar irrespectively of their life savings, number of properties and quantum of investment.

as many Nigeria took the advantage of the chaos to unleash all manner of mayhem on them.

Is time we stand up and say no to xenophobia and get unite as African

it doesn’t matter the country you are or whether you are black or white, in together we make up one African home for all.

Government should take consign and stop the killing, there is no benefit on what’s happening in our continent called xenophobia crisis.

we need love and understanding.


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