MONETIZE your website is a dream come through of every publisher.

monetize can take a lot of time and money to get into but once you start monetising

then you will know why they say what  you sow you shall reap. the question is do you really want to be a blogger with cash?

There are different types of monetizing bloggers use to earn money like;

  1. google ad-sense
  2. affiliate marketing
  3. sell ad space
  4. personal product
  5.  sell of website

these are most common tip bloggers earn from. now i will like to describe briefly on the five tip about how to make  your own money

1.google ad-sense


This is the most common monetizing base on google policy ,you can make money on google ad-sense provided you follow the guide line given by google after that you have no problem to make your money.

after you might have gotten a domain of your website, google ad is the best for you to earn after you have struggle to start your website.

google ad will give you a code that you will place on your website panel after that,they will review your site to know if you are eligible and qualify.

Stay on their policy accordingly  other wise they will give you alternative on how to solve and fix the problem when you fall out with their rule.

google ad will pay you by CPC after you might have place the advert on the post of your website

the effect will take place when ever people get into your website and click on the advert that is a good idea

come think of having thousands or hundred of traffic on your website and half of them click on the advert before one year you will be a millionaire.

2.affiliate marketing

in an idea you can also call it networking business .marketing on internet also a good idea to earn money online .you can earn money on affiliate thru your website. all you have to do is to meet marketing companies like ;

For example;

  1. create a banner for your sale :you can  create a banner and post on your website for your customer to see the type of product you want to advertise for sell
  2.  meet a company like konga :meet with their demand ,negotiate with them. once you make a sale thru your link of the product you have your own commission
  3. create a page on social media and link it up with your product it will be a good idea for your customers to know and draw attention to make your sell 

the more sells you make the your commission increase.


3.sell ad space


Adding ad space on your website is a good idea to monetize your website.

company can review your site and find is a good place to partner with you,but first you will have to get an advert sell space to your website .

if you don’t have then buy ad space and place it at the heading of your website or anywhere you want it to be

putting it at the heading of your website will attract visitor.

company will reach you to negotiate with you for you to start advertising their product or company, you can come up with a price which you want or even put the price tag at the sell ad space.

company will be paying you monthly or wages depending on how the agreement was reach.

note:for this to attract company you must have much huge traffic on your website 

4.personal product


you are a professional tailor and have a lot of designers

your website can be opportunity to make your sellyou can be a forerunner of your self thru your site and promote your business even showcase your handwork rather promoting other people product.

design your cloth and create a banner place it at your post and visitors will start  seeing it.

for you to attract visitors and get traffic you have to create a page on any social media like : 

  • Facebook
  • twitter
  • Instagram
  • youtube

and start making your sells and make cool money.

The complicated things about personal product is how your are going to get paid of your local product and make them pay for their goods easily

because people might thing you want to scam them due to they have not heard about your product or company even think your product is inferior.

5.sell domain

sell domain
sell domain

you can sell your domain to any company after you might have build  and designed it then is easy to make huge profit after you have stress looking for good domain name  and capital to build your website

make your website attractive and interesting.

can feel like selling your website when you feel it doesn’t give you what you want or not profitable to what is expected

selling it at a high price after you might have check your expenses you can sell thru any social media and friends.

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